Turbo Decoder Hu100R user guide MANUAL

originaly labeled turbodecoder hu 100r


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Turbo-decoder BMW SERIE F HU100R KEY PROFILE TOOL elements:

explore turbo decoder bmw hu100r locksmith tool

  • key profile – dedicated tool to open and decoding door or ignition locks of BMW F series cars.
  • sliding pins – they open, they give you the lock code!
  • pin bar – used for insert and extract the Turbodecoder instrument in and out of the lock
  • tension wheel – to aply tension during the opening procedure
  • pin bar activator – that wheel activate the mouvement of the pin bars to insert and extract the tool
  • turbo wheel – when rotate it to the left thepin holders move up and the pins slide respect of the lock code

Beffore to proceed with the opening procedure please:

clean the lock with WD40 to remove all durty stuff wich can block the mouvement of the discks / wafers /

ensure that you have to deal with the HU100R lock profile keyway! tHE TOOL CANT BE INSERTED IN HU92 LOCKS!!!

ensure that the lock is ORIGINAL not china made replica!! Ask the vehicle owner if the lock have been canged in the past…

Lock orientation –

Opening instructions for turbodecoder hu100 r


To insert it please keep the tool on the ring of your pin actrivatior wheel. Your turbo wheel must be rotated al to the right direction!

Fit the decoder all the way into the lock. Now pull back only the pin activator wheel. When its done you will see stop sectors 3 2 1 . Now apply LEFT tension rorating force on the tension wheel and keep it. Rotate the turbo wheel to the left till it line come to the first stop sector. Stop your rotation and go all the way to the right. Release the rotation tension. Rotate the turbo wheel to the right and then rotate the pump wheel again to stop point 1. Turn it back and release the tension. Repeat that for 20 times with left and right tesnion direction … keep stop at 1 st sector.

see how to use turbodecoder hu100r locksmith instrument

If after your 20 pumps the lock is not opened increase the turbo wheel rotation till it line point to number 2. Again – left tesnion, rotate pump wheel to stop point 2, go back to the right then release the tension…. then right tesnion and stop to 2 . Repeat for 20 more times.

see how to use turbodecoder hu100r locksmith instrument 2

When do that 20 times if no opening – go to stop point 3 for 10 more pumps and the lock should be open!

see how to use turbodecoder hu100r locksmith instrument

If your objective was to open – you are done but if you want to decode that lock there is few more steps to do.

turn the lock to the left or rigt – no matter, keep it in rotation and do one  pimp to the stop point 3 / last to the left /. Jiggle the tool by follow the plane your key blade. The discks transfer their precise code to the sliding turbodecoder pins. Now extract the tool from the lock. Attention – estraction is important so please follow the steps.

  • turn the lock in neutral position
  • rotate the turbo wheel all to the left
  • push forward the pin activator wheel and ensure that it is pushed all the way.
  • then and only then extract the turbo decoder from the lock!

To read the lock code:

once the tool is out of the lock – pull the pin activator wheel so you can see the pins, rotate the turbo wheel to stop point 3 and only then you can start the code reading.



That lock has 8 discks. Each disck can have cut 1, 2, 3 or 4. First pin is that one closest to the tension wheel. write its code , second pin is on the other side of your tool.. write it down, continue till the last pin… to be clear please take a look at hext photo: the code of that is 13242123. To cut a mechanical key insert those numbers in your CNC locksmith cutting machine.

code of that lock is : 11223311

To  reset your pins for next lock opening:

  • rotate the turbo weel to stop point 1, pull back the pin activators so your pins become visible.
  • use HU100R engraved reset tool. Inject it under the pin as it shown on the photo.how to reset turbodecoder pins
  • Press the pin till it stop. That is.
  • Repeat the same with all pins and please keep an finger under the key blade to avoid bendings during the pin pushing.

Remember  – the pins slide easy so not need to apply strong pushing!

reset turbodecoder procedure hu100r

video instructions

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