Double bit Italian primary or secondary locks for simple or armored doors with multi point locking deadbolts.

Double bit locks Made in Russia, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries

Double bit locks for normal and wall mounted safes and safe boxes.




Automatic self impression tools for easy and fast opening and decoding of DOUBLE BIT locks wich are made in different counries.

Those decoders are on sale as single sets. Each set contain :

Universal DM decoder universal handle  on it you can insert any DM decoder head , tight it and do the manipulation

Individual decoder head loaded with pins, spacers and traction bolts for diferent locks or for group of locks with same internal dimension:


Alien keys for tuning the pins traction / 2 sizes when necesary/

Box with 6 spare pins to change in case of bendings or damages NOTE – the spare pins are with diferent sizes and you CANT exchange them in case you have different tools.

Transport plastic box with soft foam inlay to carry and protect your DM Decoder form accidental damages.

Every decoding head have individual serial number and descriprion of lock model it is buided for.

In our comercial web site we provide general video instructions how to use Lickylocks DM Decoders, please look those videos carefuly and remember  – that tools are not FORCE DEVICES – any inusual abnormal force used during the procedure is risky for the integrity and functionality of your deoder! The technique is important to complete the procedure. Any locksmith with litle practical experience and some knowlegge about the double bit lock contruction can use thode decoders with great sicess.

ATRA – DIERRE – MIA  DM Luckylocks decoder

Loaded with map key dimension for Atra NON LOCKTRAP locks.

  • In the set you will recieve:
    Transport box
    2 hex keys for regulation of the pin traction plus bolt for external pin adjustment
    graphite stick for lubrication
    6 spare pins

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Atra Dierre non ” LOCK TRAP ” model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

The same DM Atra decoder can be used for emergency safe opening when the safe is equipped with Atra Dierre lock. See how it work. 

locksmith decoder for Cisa locksCISA CAMBIO FACILE LOCK MODELS as well as external mounted big ap Cisa locks DM Luckylocks decoder 

The set is equiped with 2 decoder sticks for open both side orientation lock. The lock has 3 + 3 code plates configuation.

In this set you will recieve:

Universal hadle where you can mount all DM decoding heads if you have them already.

Transport box with foam inlay to protect your tool from accidental dammages

6 spare pins to change them when it is necessary

special keys to adjust back or front pins traction

Atention – we recomend you to watch the instruction video! -Important details inside!

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Cisa Cambio Facile model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

Video how to use the same model DM Decoder for Cisa External mounted double bit locks.

 Cisa 4+4 lock plates 2 /4 turn Luckylocks DM Decoder

The set is equiped with 1 decoder heads for open both side orientation lock. The lock has 4 + 4 code plates configuation.


Cisa 3+3 lock configuration decoder. It can do locks with 2 or 4 turns as well as some SAFE BOX Cisa locks. Same tool is well aplicable also on CISA External mounted lokcs and Gevy 2 or 4 door turns and safe greek made  locks.

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Cusa smal safe box lock. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Gevy glass door lock model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!


CR and CR VARIO Double bit Luckylocks DM DECODER – the decoding head is loaded with 12 pins to be operative on both side lock orientation.Usualy those locks are in use for ARMORED doors with MULTI Point locking deviator system!

CR 6 single plates DM decoder by Luckylocks

CR 6 secondary locks DM Decoder. Cpecial locksmith unstrument PLUG and PLAY . Easy and fast open when no original keys are presented. Decode – operatorcan reproduce / cut / a working mechanical key once he read the code deepths from our DM Decoder.


EZCURRA AND FIAM F40 double bit decoder made by Luckylocks AD – Bulgaria – few second opening…. what more? No other tool can do that so easy ad so fast. Even the lock have rotary keyway and access to the individual code plates is very hard..

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Ezcurra lock model non anti pick. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!


FAC Spanish safe locks  can be manipulated with Lickylocks DM FAC decoder ! No wires , no 2in1 pick tools… just insert our decoder an the lock will be opened less than a minute! In additional – the operator can decode the lock with no necessity of disasembling

FAC safe lock opening with DM Luckylocks Decoder. This is not a power device so please learn to use it gently!

GEVY small map glass doors security double bit lock can be open and decode with Luckylocks DM Gevy locksmith tool. SAME tool can be used for open some GEVY SAFE BOXES and CISA small map 3×3 locks 2 or 4 turns mounted on doors or used in some wall safes!

Very popular double bits securitylocks for glass doors use. Those locks have 3+3 plates configuration , mounted in hard plate case for aplication on glass locks. The forced opening is dangerous for the glass and can be very expensive in case of failure!

With our Luckylocks DM decoder te opening is fast and non riscy!

Same decoder can be used for CISA small map locks 3+3 plates!


Mottura Nucleo Compact Luckylocks M decoder for open adn decode those 2 turns interchangeable core, that lock is euiped with antipick false gates on its code plates! Same lock can be used also in some WALL MOUNTED SAFES!

Attention ! this is not power tool! The self impressioning procedure doesnt need a brute forces. Use this instrument gently for best results!

Once the lock is open the decoding is very precise and the key reproduction is qute good.

See ho wthe tool can open Mottura Nucleo Compact locks. The lock have anti pick gates on the plates. In some cases the procedure require more time. Do not force the tool – that doesnt help!

 Mottura 3 + 3 small maps 2 or 4 turns double bit decoder. That lock is with out any antipick systems and the opening is pretty easy.

 Mottura and Kale double bit locks with 3×3 or 4×4 code plates order. The decode head is loaded with 4×4 cnfiguration! Please before to use that tool count the cde plates , in case they are 3×3 push down the first and the last pin to avoid tool damage! That visual inspectrion can be made by look at the side up to the dead bolts – there the code plates are easy to be observed.

 Mottura 6×6 code plates Luckylocks DM decoder, ame lock dimension: SECUREMME 6X6, AUNO 6X6 TESIO 6X6 ANTONIOLI 6X6 CIFIAL EXTERNAL LOCKS , and some RUSSIAN lock models!

 Potent 7×7 Luckylocks DM decoder. This lock is with 7 code plates . Normal picks as 2 in 1 iare not a good solutions on that lock model. The procedure take lot of time and becouse the lock has 4 turns the locksmith must unlock it 4 times to complete the opening. With our DM Potent the opening is easy and the lock can be decoded at the end.

 Potent 3×3 small bilateral locks. see the video for the particulars

 SAB Luckylocks DM decoder for big map locks brand SAB used on armored dorrs. The lock plate orders is 6×6. No antipick sustem engaged on those models. Opening – fast and smooth. Decoding – yes.

 Cina 6 plates double bit locks with 6 code plates .Our tool is made to open those crapy locks with poor quality. Thanks to the quality they cause lot of problems and even the own key can open them. Use Luckylocks DM China 6 to resolve the lockouts!

 Cina 7 plates lock – use Luckylocks DM cina 7 decoder to open those low quality locks.

Special self impression locksmith tool for unlock and decode Seuremme 6+6 Italian double bit locks. Easy to use and to make working key after the opening!

Locksmith tools for double bit locks CLASSIC VERSION by Luckylocks – Bulgaria.

Grimaldelli per apertura veloce di serrature a doppia mappa versione “CLASSIC” Grimaldello bulgaro originale!

Atra and Atra lock trap opening tool

Locksmit instrument for opening of all ATRA and ATRA Lock trap double bit lever locks! The tool is loaded with pins and spacers wich match at Atra locks, tension tool and spare pins. All equipment come in plastic box with soft protective foam inlay.

Classic 6x6 doble bit locks UNIVERSAL locksmith tool

UNIVERSAL locksmith tool for fast unlock of few models double bit locks – Mottura, Securemme, CR, SAB, Auno, Antonioli, Beta Abloy , Cifial, and some Rurrsian locks.

See the use of this classic locksmith tool open Mottura and CR double but italian locks

How to use Double bit Classic Decoder to open GR DM pluc locks – those locks have anti pick system DM Plus and it slow a little the opening procedure..


Mottura, Mottura Easy Go, Mottura Antideco due, Securemme, SAB, CR, Beta Aboy, Auno, Antonioli, CR, Tesio, Cifial and many other locks with same key dimension! BEST SELLER!